Oregon Conservation Strategy Aims at Helping Environment

Oregon Conservation Strategy Aims at Helping Environment

Jilene Jensen, Staff Writer

The Oregon Conservation Strategy is Oregon’s first statewide environmental  conservation strategy. Conservation means to protect and prevent too much of something being used. It aims to provide opportunities for all residents, businesses, and organizations to be involved. It was established ten years ago. It also helps people to understand the challenges and issues with fish and wildlife. 


According to their website, http://www.oregonconservationstrategy.org/ their goals are to, “Maintain healthy fish and wildlife populations by maintaining or restoring functioning habitats, prevent declines of at risk species, and reverse declines in these resources where possible.”


The conservation strategy is tackling issues such as climate change, land use changes, invasive species, disruption of disturbance regimes, barriers to animal movement, water quantity and quality, and challenges and opportunities for private landowners to initiate conservation actions.


They are also protecting habitats and species.