Front Doors Now Automatically Lock After 1st Period


As a new security system the buzzer at the front entrance is designed for office personnel to control who enters CHS and to automatically lock down the school if there is someone in the building that shouldn’t be. 


After first period starts the front doors automatically lock.


At that point, to get in the building, visitors must find the black box on the outside of the doors, press the button, step back and wait for a voice that will ask who you are and why you are here.


Emily Aleman, the assistant principal secretary says, “I really like that it’s implemented and I think it is beneficial.” 


Aleman adds, “It’s better than just having an open door but unless students and visitors, abide by the rules, and do it the way they are supposed to, there are loopholes and that messes with our safety and I don’t really want that to be the case.”


This means that having a policy that is open door in the school is not the best option and the new system is better.


“So if everybody could do the same thing as they enter, hat would be really great, which is push the button say ‘hi.’  Say ‘student’ and your ‘name’ and I’ll let you in. But If they don’t do that then that’s tricky,” said Aleman


“Yes it is working. It’s really handy and it’s really good. We are exited about it; it’s doing exactly what we hoped it would,” said assistant principal,Terrance Schloth.