Personal Appliance Use Continues

Personal Appliance Use Continues

Ashlee Jeanmarie, Staff Writer

Earlier this year there was some consideration of personal appliance being taken out of classrooms. This was decided by the districts energy committee, and the policy was written for the whole district. 


“The goal was to reduce energy consumption by 3%,” said Principal Mairi Scott-Aguirre. It was delayed for a while but this summer it was reinforced and teachers were told to get there appliances out by the first in service week, but the committee had to think about things like people who need personal appliances for health reasons.


CHS recently got new energy efficient appliances for everyone to use in the teachers’ lounge. A memo sent by administrators encouraged everyone to use common appliances in the teachers lounge rather than using their own. 


Scott-Aguirre polled CHS teachers and they voted where they wanted to see the appliances. Most teachers are ecstatic that appliances are still available. Emma Wood an English teacher said, “Tea is life and since we get to keep drinking tea in class. It is wonderful!” 

Daniel Shelton the REAP Coordinator said, “I’m happy we get to keep our own appliances so we can keep our own snacks and if kids want to keep food in their they can.”