Good Grades & AP Exam Prep

As a high school senior, I have spent my entire life trying to achieve good grades. Through the years, I have learned some important strategies to keep my grades in tip-top shape. So, here are some of those tips and tricks to getting the grades you’ve always wanted. 

  • Attendance is key. If you miss a lesson it can easily put a student behind and it can be difficult to catch up if you miss too much. 
  • Do your homework. Though it may not always feel like it, most of the time homework is there to help you. 
    • The most crucial class that I’ve learned to not skip homework on is math. The repetition of doing work problems has helped me build confidence when it comes time to take the test, along with being able to build a greater understanding of the material. 
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Teachers most of the time come early or stay late for school. Take advantage of their availability and use it to ask for any help you may need, especially if you have missed class.
  • Test Corrections. Depending on the teacher, some classes have things that can improve your grade such as test corrections. DO IT! This can only help your grade and especially by finals time you’ll be thankful for the extra boost in your grade.
  • Study Sessions. In some classes, especially AP, teachers will host study sessions after or before school before a big exam. These can be helpful. 


As a veteran AP tester, I’ve learned the struggles that come with feeling unprepared before the exam. Here are some things that I have learned that help me feel more confident when test day comes. These tips can also apply to achieve a good grade in a class as well. *Note some of the tips may not apply depending on the specific AP class you are taking* 

  • Create a study schedule.
    • Study as much as you can in advance, not the night before
    • Study groups, studying with other people can be fun and helpful
  • Practice, Practice, Practice.
    • Practice Exams and Prep on Khan Academy
    • Review Quizlets
    • Ask for an extra study guide and complete closer to the exam
    • Depending on the particular exam, use Kahoot to review key concepts or facts
    • Take the practice AP exam, if your teacher offers it
    • Make your own study guide
  • Focus more on big concepts than little details
    • For writing & free response, remember the requirements
  • The day of the exam
    •  Get plenty of sleep 
    • Drink lots of water (staying hydrated keeps your brain sharp) 
    • Don’t study too hard the night before (tires you out for the next day)
    • Eat a good breakfast 
    • Pack necessary materials for the exam the night before

*Don’t over-rely on your teacher, make time to study outside of class* If you don’t pass, it’s not the end of the world. These exams are supposed to be hard. 🙂 Some good resources for outside studying are Quizlet, Kahoot, and Varsity Tutors (available as a website or an app for your electronic device).


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