How Do You Celebrate Halloween

How Do You Celebrate Halloween

Kira Harmon, Staff Writer

I myself love Halloween but it can get super scary. it’s a fun excuse to dress up, and hang with friends. I love the vibe of the holiday and how it makes you feel.


Ruby Tran , Junior

“I’m not going trick or treating but I would get a costume.”


Thao Chu, Sophomore

 “ Yes, I will be celebrating because I have friends to go with and yes, I will be dressing up.” 


Sam Schuhl, Junior

” Not celebrating because I’m going to work, and I would not dress up.”


Dylan Phung , Junior

“ Yes, I’m going to celebrate Halloween, and I believe that there should not be an age limit.


Meigan Bottcher , Junior

̈ ̈ Yes, I celebrate Halloween. It’s my favorite. I like doing the makeup.”