Venessa Kuchenik, Staff Writer

What is it:  The maker-space is a room full of very high tech equipment.

What is it used for:  It is used to build and create anything students design.

Where is it located:  It is located between the school based health center and the art room.  

Who uses it:  MESA (Mathematics, Engineering, and Science Achievement) is an after school program that uses the equipment to build and design mechanical things.  Mr. Watts, the metal shop teacher, also has uses for it in his class.  

Who can use it:  Anyone with teacher supervision can use it.  You simply must set up a time with Mr. Clark, the head of the MESA club for when you want to use it.  

Who created it:  It was our principal, Mairi Scott-Aguirre’s idea to create a maker-space just a little over a year ago.