Speech & Debate Competition Results

Speech & Debate Competition Results

We have a wonderful and talented speech and debate team right here at Centennial.  They are a friendly and welcoming bunch. They recently had their 1st competition on the 5th of October, in which many placed within the top ten.   

This year their team captain is Shelby Colt.  She was the only one to place first in this round, taking the spotlight in informative.  She says, “I was going against last year’s state champion and I didn’t expect to beat him.  I feel really proud of myself for putting in the effort and I feel very motivated to keep doing well.”

There are around 16 members on the speech and debate team and the following compiled list shows all the results for that Saturday:

Placing Who Event
1st Shelby Colt (team captain) Open Informative
1st Zain AlSaood Open Literary Interpretation of the English Language
1st Elizabeth Dimitrova + Salem Solomon Novice Policy Debate
2nd James Le Open Impromptu
3rd James Le + Jese Fonseca Open Public Forum Debate
3rd Khup Kau Tuang Novice Poetry
3rd Khup Kau Tuang Novice Impromptu
3rd Louden Miller Novice Extemporaneous
3rd Louden Miller + Kit Bishop  Novice Policy Debate


Placing Who Event
4th Elizabeth Dimitrov Open Oratory
4th Salem Solomon Novice Informative
4th Grace Tacker Novice Oratory
4th (tie) Louden Miller Novice After Dinner Speaking
6th Jaden Gerbauer Open After Dinner Speaking
6th Elizabeth Dimitrova Open Extemporaneous
7th Seth Thompson Novice Radio
7th Jesse Fonseca Open Extemporaneous
9th Janet Dumitrash Novice Poetry
10th Daniel Torres-Medina + Rachel Le Open Parliamentary Debate
10th Daniel Torres-Medina Open After Dinner Speaking
10th Jesse Fonseca Open Impromptu
10th Kit Bishop  Open Radio
11th Marissa Bennett Open After Dinner Speaking
13th Louden Miller Novice Impromptu