MOS: Favorite Dutch Drinks

MOS: Favorite Dutch Drinks

Alexi Howard, Staff Writer

Dutch Bros. plays a big role in our school’s culture.  Every day in our school you can find many students, and even teachers with a drink from Dutch in their hand.  Dutch Bros, has increasingly become more popular over the years and is continuing to grow. 


I interviewed multiple students from around the school and asked them what their favorite dutch drink was.


Freshman, Keira Cha:  “I normally order an Ocean Water Rebel, and I go Dutch Bros once a week.”


Sophomore, Karl Green:  “I usually order a caramel frappuccino around once a week.”


Junior, Paulina Curiel: “I don’t go to Dutch often, I go like once a month. But, my favorite drink is an Iced Kicker with Soy-milk.”


Senior, Riley Salazar: “I get the Peach Passion Fruit Rebel and I go once a week.”


Senior, Shelby Hemmer: “I drink an Iced Palm Tree Green Tea and I get it once a week maybe two times a week. So, I spend anywhere from $6-7 a week.”


Sophomore, Nathan Huitinga: “I usually get a Surprise Rebel and I spend $30 a week.”


Junior, Laurence Cabral:  “I order the birthday cake frost and get Dutch once a month.”


Junior, James Perez: “I get the Dino Egg Rebel from Dutch and go about once a week.”


Freshman, Jomabelle Marzan: “I like the Sex on The Beach Rebel, but I rarely go to Dutch so I only get it about once a month.”


Freshman, Amber Strutz: “I like the OG Gummy Bear Rebel. I usually go around 4 times a week so I spend $20-25  a week.”