A Night To Remember


    I still remember the night like it was yesterday. The thought of losing my sister, my human diary, my best friend lives with me to this day. That night happened so quickly I didn’t even have time to process my thoughts or what really happened.   

• • •

     “Nadia get in the car we have to be home before mom is and I want food,” Dina shouted. It was half-past ten Friday, November 9. My sister, Dina, and I we’re getting ready to leave kids ministry after what felt like days of teaching and singing with 50 little kids. We were exhausted. I don’t know about Dina but I felt as if my feet were gonna fall off. 

     That night, the road was dark and wet from the rain, but surprisingly that didn’t seem to bother Dina. She was rushing to get her food and was driving faster than the speed of light. I watched as the mileage went from 50 to 60, then 70 to 80, and before I knew it, we were at 100. It wasn’t the first time I’ve seen Dina build up her adrenaline by speeding, but watching her gave me an aching feeling. The feeling was unexplainable, it felt like I had a knot in my stomach that was getting tighter and tighter by the second. 

     Second after second, the knot grew so so tight until it couldn’t anymore. I began to turn pale on my face. The feeling was unbearable, but before I could mention it, it was too late. 

     I wouldn’t say that time froze, but that’s exactly what it felt like. I turned to face Dina and out of nowhere, a large beast with two horns the size of twin towers jumps in front of us. I was in complete shock, but that was nothing compared to the horror in Dina’s eye. It was like she had seen a ghost. She looked at me and began screaming her lungs out. 

      For thirty seconds I sat in the car listening to her scream as if someone were stabbing her in the chest repeatedly. My mind was all over the place and my thoughts felt like they were about to explode. However, the only thing I could think of was that my sister and I almost died and I haven’t even mentioned the love, trust, and respect that I had for her. 

      As we reached the soccer field (further down the road) we stopped to look at the car. Opening the door, I could feel the sweat in my palms, the knot in my stomach, but most of all I could feel the emotion that was about to explode from Dina. I slowly opened the door and walked out of the car. My eyes grew wide, her car was absolutely destroyed. 

      “Nadia, Nadia, Nadia!” Dina continued. “Is it that bad? Mom is gonna kill me! Oh my lord don’t even get me started on dad!” 

     “D-D-Dina it’s not that bad we can figure something out.”

      If you know my sister, you know that she’s the type of person to break down at any moment of the day and I couldn’t let that happen. Dina’s been my rock all my life and has been there for me every step of the way, but now it was my turn. It was my turn to not only be there for her physically, but also emotionally. I had to be there for her to let her know that everything was going to be okay and that everything happens for a reason. At the time I didn’t know what the reasoning behind all of this was. Although, looking back now I can see the huge impact that this event had on me and my sister. No matter the day, time, or event my sister hasn’t driven passed the speed limit and hasn’t let any situation build up adrenaline like that night. For me personally, I remind my loved ones how grateful I am for each and every one of them. Some days it may be hard because of fights, arguments, or little disagreements, but I never want them to second guess the love I have for them, before it’s too late.