Self Stays Positive


Jared Arenas , Staff Writer

The 2019 Fall Football season here at Centennial High School is in full swing, with this being the sixth week of the season.. 

Head Coach Butch Self carries an upbeat attitude, despite the team’s 1-4 record. 

“Every week it’s always about us; it’s about us getting better,” he stated. 

“Last week was tough and we had to completely scrap the plan,” he said as he reminisced about the most recent game, a 33-13 loss at home to McMinnville. “Really, the whole game plan was shot (when there were early injuries); we had to plug in some kids in some places, but we did end up having success in that first drive.”  The Eagles were up 7-0 early in the game, but the Grizzlies recognized the limitations due to injuries and shut the offense down.

“We play Central Catholic (tonight) which is a really great team. Obviously everyone knows that; they’re good in every sport. The goal is for us to stay close to put pressure on them at the end,” said Self.

He then proceeded to talk about what the hardest things for the team and himself were this season, and said, “There have been a lot of replacements due to injuries. That was probably the biggest thing we had to go through. The injuries have stayed with us this whole season.”

“We’re placing a freshman (Langston Williams-Lomax) at quarterback which has been awesome to watch, and every week he’s growing,” he continued. “Kyle Fitgerald came back from injuries, and he had him under his wing, someone who is pretty young and unexperienced. Alex (Ibarra) is another team captain, and he’s one of the most unselfish people that I’ve ever met.

 “I’m really proud of all the guys to be honest. Guys are having great individual seasons, they’re just playing their hearts out. We’re gonna coach who’s here; we’re gonna coach the Eagles,” said Self.

“Our goal for the rest of the season is to just take care of ourselves. To just play, and do the best that we can,” said Self.

The Eagles play the Rams at 7 pm tonight at home.