Student Health Center to be available soon

A new student health center is in the works for Centennial High School. Construction for the project has already begun taking place, as some might have witnessed, in the East wing of the building between the arts and journalism rooms. As for the progress of the health center, the formatting and building of it is said to cease April 1st. What will take place next is the organization of ideas for what students will have access to if they choose to visit the health center, which will be available for all students in grades K – 12. Plans for this establishment contain a variety of aspects, such as broadening what is currently available in the school nurse’s office.

There will be a meeting held March 13th to discuss in further detail what the future of this prospective health center will look like, where plans for its content could potentially be made concrete. “We’re really excited to get it finished and made available to students,” regarded Mark Porterfield, an individual involved in the completion of the project.

An update on the student health center will be posted soon after the next meeting, so be sure to check back for details!