AP Art History


AP Art History is an amazing class. It’s full of interesting, beautiful artwork and artists. You can express your thoughts in this class and you may see many different types of art forms. This class is not just art like paintings but photographs, literally any type of art.  It is a good class to get out there and explore the world of art and all of its story. You will not be left out and you will always be able to speak your mind in an open environment.

Emma Wood talked about how cool this class is and had this to say, “I love the projects we do, some highlights are the prehistoric bake off were we turn cave art into say, Cheesecake.”  Basically it’s just a great community and it’s a great class to explore.

How does this class help? Well here’s what Emma Wood has to say, “ It shows the visual element of things and it goes with a lot of job fields.”

Why should they take this class?  It’s a great community and it is very fun.  Ms. Wood also has said, “This year is the first year we’re introducing a career credit.” 

You can also get a college credit for admission in schools in California.

Emma Wood also had this to say, “Learning history in a different way.”