Admin Of CHS

Meet the Administration-

Who: Marie Scott-Aguirre, Principal

Why CHS: She has been here at CHS for four years and going onto her fifth year.  She says “CHS is a well run district and the opportunity was open.”

Family: She is married to her husband, John, and has two daughters named Hannah and Abby who are both attending Santa Clara.

Hobbies outside of work: She enjoys cross country skiing, cooking, and reading.

Unique fact: She was born in California and has lived there twice.


Who: Zach Ramberg, Assistant Principal

Why CHS: “CHS chose me,” he says. He grew up in East Portland and CHS just felt comfortable and homey. There are dedicated staff and outstanding students.

Family: He has a wife, Emily, and two sons: Grayson who’s in high school and Macklin who’s in junior high.

Hobbies outside of work: He likes to travel and has coached youth basketball and golf.

Unique fact: He is ambidextrous.


Who: Laura Scully. Assistant Principal

Why CHS: She has been in the district for 27 years and is very invested in the school.

Family: She has two girls, Kelsey and Madison, who are both CHS grads are both now attending college.

Hobbies: She enjoys decorating her house, going to concerts, and she is very proud of her “rockin’ yard.”

Unique fact: In college she worked in a windmill for two summers.


Who: Terry Schloth, Assistant Principal

Why CHS: He was a principal at Reynolds and the opportunity was open to be closer to his kids, it’s a good fit for him.

Family: His wife, Jennifer , works at an elementary school in the David Douglas District. His daughter, Olivia is a CHS senior and his son, Spencer is a junior.

Hobbies outside of work: He loves the outdoors, boating in the summer, fishing, mountain bikes and taking his dog, a Golden-doodle named Mabel, on walks.

Unique fact: He graduated from Western Oregon but he is a huge football fan and loves to watch Oregon State.