83 Game Streak Ends!


PC: Christian Roberts

Team celebrates after win.

Christian Roberts, Staff Writer

Volleyball notched its first league win on Sept. 9, breaking the 83-game MHC losing streak.  The last league win was in 2013. 

Tupou Fononga had a kill to end the game and a victory for the Eagles against the Gresham Gophers.

After losing the first set 25-20, the Eagles rallied. Senior Madison Spencer said, “I knew we could still do it after the first set because we aren’t the team we used to be.” The Eagles took the next two sets and an exciting third set when the Eagles took the lead, but then Gresham came back to tie the set 17-17. After great ball control and good defense, the Eagles got the win 25-23.

Going into the fourth and final set, the student section started to go back and forth with the Gresham’s student section. Brent Child said, “It was great to see both sides wanted the game and I felt like our student body fed off of the Gresham students.” 

Fononga also added on the subject saying, “The fans started to hype me up when we messed up we knew they were behind us. It’s a new feeling since we don’t usually have a crowd like that.” 

Later that set, Centennial found themselves up 21-11. Head Coach Jared Johnson said, “At that point in the game I just wanted them to finish. I had an idea we had the win at that point.” The Eagles ended up winning the set 25-14 to finally end the losing streak.

Johnson said, “It felt great to see the girls celebrate like that, I was glad to be a part of it.” Senior Bailey Becker said, “I wanted to cry, but I couldn’t because it was such a happy moment.”