Johnson Starts Career With First MHC Win In Years

Centennial High School has welcomed many new teachers this school year, one of which is the new girl’s team volleyball coach, Jared Johnson. 


Johnson started his career with a bang as the team beat Gresham in the first MHC match of the year. This was the first league win after 83 losses in a row. This particular game has broken their losing streak of six years, and the team has experienced a great start to the new season. 


Having a lot of experience with volleyball, Johnson was a very wise pick to serve as the new coach, seeing as how he played club ball at Oregon State, and was even a practice member for the women’s team. He also has a lot of experience with sports in general, having played a lot of tennis, basketball, and golf. 


“Centennial’s great,” Johnson jubilantly said as he talked about his experiences since joining this district. “It’s nothing but good, and I’m very excited to be working here.”


With the recent win fresh on his mind, Johnson expressed his thoughts by saying, “It was a hard feeling to describe. We were really excited, and the win was essentially the players.”


On his thoughts on the CHS P.E. department, Johnson stated that they were extremely welcoming and supportive. “I love the P.E. Department. They are very knowledgeable and very resourceful.”


As for his feelings on this year’s team, he said that he felt as if they were, “a very committed, close-knit group with common goals. It’s exciting to have competitive practices, to push each other and best prepare.”

Continuing on with thoughts about the team, Johnson stated his opinions on the seniors. “We have a very driven senior group who are definitely leaders on this team. Bailey (Becker)] especially holds down the back court.”


“Goals this year are to be committed. Everyone shows up to practice, everyone shows up to games, and I want to celebrate small victories. Every point and block counts,” said Johnson.