PSAT, SAT, FAFSA and More Coming Oct. 16


Venessa Kuchenik, Staff Writer

 The PSAT and SAT will be administered on Oct. 16.  It will be a Wednesday which means late start. Testing will begin as soon as class starts.  

It’s important for students to arrive  on time so that testing can begin and end without delays.  All seniors and juniors who signed up will take the SAT, but there are other senior options, too.  

Seniors who aren’t taking the SAT will have several options for what they want to do.  This includes: a field trip to Mount Hood Community College, completing required work samples, attending a FAFSA meeting, or participating in the seniors only assembly.  More information on these options will come shortly, said Jeff Stanek, who is planning the day.  

All other juniors and sophomores are required to take the PSAT.  Freshman DO NOT have school on this day; it’s a “comp” day due to their first day of school being before everyone else.  Testing will last around four hours, including breaks, said Stanek.  

School will still be in session after testing is done for 9th and 10th period.  These will mostly be catch-up and working periods and students will be able to go to any class they choose to.  

The SAT is a ‘Scholastic Aptitude Test’ and is required for the purpose of determining a student’s “readiness” for college.  The PSAT is the practice version. They are both all multiple choice and timed. There is also an optional written portion of the test, but CHS does not provide it, according to the College Board website.

During the taking of the exam, a few rules are set in place to ensure a proper testing environment.  Snacks, phones, and backpacks are NOT allowed. Students also may not leave before everyone else is finished.  If not followed, the results may end in a void test.  

Counselors suggest students make sure to study!  Khan Academy is a great starting place. The website has practice sessions specially tuned to student  needs. Students can even set up a schedule and get friendly reminders to study.