CHS Welcomes Many New Faces

Who: Emily Aleman

Prior Ties to CHS: Aleman is a graduate from CHS.

What They Do at CHS: Aleman is the administrator’s secretary. She works on enrollment of new students, the paperwork, and payroll. In her job she does anything the admin needs.  

Why CHS: She chose CHS in part because she is a 2008 graduate from CHS. Her maiden name was Hinton. She also does part time work with the Centennial drama department. She now has all her work under the same roof, which is always nice. 

Family: Her dad, Jerry Hinton, is 1st chair on the Gresham City Council.
Hobbies: Some of her hobbies include theatre and embarrassing her husband, Jordan, and her kid, Ruby. In her free time, she teaches guitar and piano. She also loves English and reading, along with listening to her favorite murder podcast, “My Favorite Murder”. She referred to herself as a ‘murderino’. 

Unique Fact: Aleman was Ms. Darbus in the 2018 CHS production of High School Musical. She is also a “Christmas nut.”


Who: Kelly Carter

Prior Ties to CHS: Before working at CHS, she worked in the district at the elementaries Parklane and Wood.

What They Do at CHS: Carter is the girls locker room assistant. This means that she supervises at the desk in the girls locker room.

Why CHS: She mainly chose CHS because she has been in the district for 16 years, so CHS was a good choice for her. 

Family: She recently got two more granddaughters. Both are girls. One is named Rowan and the other is named Avery. They are 18 and 19 months old.

Hobbies: Her main hobby is sewing. She really likes sewing baby clothes, specifically for her grandchildren.

Unique Fact: She could not think of one. 


Who: Kate Aschbacher

Prior Ties to CHS: She has worked at CHS since 2006. She mostly taught ELD, and was an instructional coach. She took last year off because she had a baby girl.

What They Do at CHS: Aschbacher now teaches Spanish.

Why CHS: She chose CHS for the main reason that she really loves the staff and students here.

Family: She has a husband Nathan, and has two kids. She has one four year old boy named Enzo, and a one year old girl named Carmen.

Hobbies: Outside of work, she likes to do Yoga and Zumba. She also really likes gardening being a mom.

Unique Fact: One unique fact about Aschbacher is that she loves to travel internationally. She has not only traveled internationally, but she has also lived abroad in several countries.


Who: Breeanna Theilacker

Prior ties to CHS: None 

What do they do at CHS: Band Director.

Why CHS: She likes the sense of community and pride around the school. “I chose CHS because I enjoy working with high school band students.”

Hobbies: She likes going on hikes with her dogs, playing  piano, and cooking.

Unique fact: She loves crazy socks.


Who: Joe Allen

Prior ties to CHS: None

What do they do at CHS: Joe Allen is the new head custodian; he was on the night shift for several years. 

Why CHS: He chose CHS because the opportunity was open to be the new head custodian.

Family: Allen’s wife is also a head custodian in the district. He also has dogs and horses.

Hobbies: He enjoys fixing old cars and he used to fish.

Unique Fact: Allen is a fun, easy going guy and he likes to get things done when they are asked.


Who: Jared Johnson 

Prior ties to CHS:  None, but he attended Barlow.

What do they do at CHS: He is the Head Volleyball Coach. 

Why CHS: It’s close to home for him. The job opportunity was open to teach and coach volleyball one high school district with good values.

Family: His aunt, Kristy Ree, teaches health at CHS and was the head volleyball coach at two different times.

Hobbies: He enjoys being active (gym, volleyball, basketball, hiking), hanging out with friends, and traveling.

Unique fact: He is a huge Taylor Swift fan and has seen her four times in concert.


Who: Roger Matthews

Prior ties to CHS: His children went here, and he coached wrestling.

What do they do at CHS: Security.

Why CHS: “Because I feel like I have an investment here with all the years I coached wrestling. It gives me more contact with my wrestlers and I can see how their life changes,” says Matthews. 

Family: A wife, Stephanie, who worked at CMS for 15 years, and two children who graduated from CHS, Cam in 2009 and Paige in 2011.

Hobbies: Coach wrestling, hunting, fishing and hiking. 

Unique fact: People think he’s mean when he’s a really warm-hearted guy.


Who: Lucinda Longo 

What do they do at CHS: Teaches Math. 

Why CHS: Husband, Aaron, wanted to move back to Gresham.

Family: She has a husband and two children named Simon and Caroline.

Hobbies: Photography and hiking. 

Unique fact: Studied in Ireland and China. 


Who: Kiera O’Brien 

What do they do at CHS: Teaches English. 

Why CHS:  She knew it was a big diverse school with a lot of school spirit. 

Family: They live along the East Coast. 

Hobbies: Rock climbing, hiking, and listening to music. 

Unique fact: Loves to swim in the ocean. 


Who: Lawrence Dennis

Prior ties to CHS: Is a 2011 CHS graduate.

What do they do at CHS: Teaches Conceptual Physics. 

Why CHS:  He went here and likes the people here. 

Family: Lives with his sister, mom and dad. 

Hobbies: Works with cross country team, play video games. 

Unique fact: Ran from a tornado when he was younger. 


Who: Micheal Miller 

Prior ties to CHS: He was in the district from elementary through high school. 

What do they do at CHS: Teaches Business Marketing. 

Why CHS: His family lives close and he used to go here. 

Family: He and his wife, Raine, met in South Korea, and they have a 2-month year old little boy, PK. 

Hobbies: Exercise, soccer, cooking, trying to get back into running because he’s “ trying to outrun the dad bod.” 

Unique facts: Played soccer for Oregon State lived in South Korea for five years, and has six stitches in finger from a light switch.