How To Become An Exchange Student

Beatrice Byrd, Staff Writer

This year at Centennial, we are home to two foreign exchange students. The foreign exchange student program is where students travel abroad to study the language, life, and culture of the host country. This program for the students typically lasts six to 12 months, depending on which timeframe the student chooses. This program expects students to immerse themselves into the community of the host country. Many students will join the schools clubs or activities just to help them dive into their surroundings. Costs for the program vary depending on language, country, and scholarship.
If you are a student who is fluent in another language and want the opportunity to study abroad, you can visit the website ASSE, which is all about international student exchange programs. This website talks about becoming and applying to become an American exchange student. It also has a form to become an ASSE host family. An ASSE host family would mean hosting an ASSE student. Being a host family means that your family is the one that is housing the exchange student, and helping them integrate into American culture for that year or semester. On this website, as an American exchange student, you can travel to Asia/ Pacific, Europe, North America, South Africa, or South America. For more information on this, you can visit the website.