3 Days Left of Homecoming Week


There are still 3 days left for Homecoming Week. Here are the themes for Wednesday through Friday.

Wednesday 9/18: Vsco Girl/ Sk8terboy. Following the trends you should wear oversized shirts, scrunchies, and bring your hydro so show your inner Vsco Girl. Sk8terboy’s wear black ripped jeans, thrasher shirts, or striped long sleeves.
If you’re playing Powderpuff you should wear your Powderpuff Jerseys. If you are a Junior or Senior who is playing powderpuff be sure to wear your jerseys! Junior jersey colors will be black and Senior jersey colors will be red.
You can also wear black and red to support your girls who are playing! Game starts at 7p.m. at Centennial High School.

Thursday 9/19: Crazy Socks and Sandals.

Friday 9/20: Eagle Out. Support your Eagles by wearing Eagle gear! Homecoming game at Centennial High School. Homecoming dance.

Show school spirit by participating in spirit week, showing up to the Powderpuff game and the homecoming football game!