Keep Our Oceans Clean

Keep Our Oceans Clean

Milana Oliphant, Co-editor

Plastics are killing our earth.

This should not surprise anyone.  It was inevitable that somehow the earth was going to be negatively impacted by the mindless disposal of trash into the world’s oceans and landfills..

Very important ecosystems are being destroyed as our world’s oceans are being filled with trash.

If we keep going at the same pace there will be no way of going back. In order to make a lasting impact and possibly prevent the earth from becoming more polluted, things need to change today.

Scientists are predicting that if the situation does not see change by 2030 there will be no reversing the damage done the the environment. After that point it will be too late to prevent anything.

People are continuing to create and buy plastic products which come from factories that then emit pollution and the by products from these plants are often not disposed of properly according to an article from National Geographic.  The article also states, that it is estimated that about 14 billion pounds of plastic goes into the ocean each year. According to the article scientists have found that plastic just being in the ocean might not be our only issue. Our food is beginning to show up with plastic in it, fish are showing signs of microplastics.

This plastic that is in the ocean is now also deteriorating and turning into micro plastics. which are the being eaten by fish, which are consumed by us.

But trash and microplastics are not the only issue occurring in our oceans. The coral reefs and their ecosystems are being directly affected by climate change.

In order the prevent more of our world and oceans from becoming more polluted people need to start taking action today.


Some things that you can start doing today are:

  • Avoid single-use plastics
  • Use reusable cloth or mesh bags instead of plastic
  • Properly dispose of plastics
  • Use approved sunscreen that won’t pollute the water
  • Use a reusable water bottle


We need to take action today in order to improve the dire environmental situation that the world is currently in because if we don’t there may be no coming back from the effects of pollution.

During this I only discussed one environmental situation currently happening in our oceans  but there are many more pollutants negatively impacting our world. If we don’t take action to try and reverse this there will be no coming back from it.

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