Social Media Posts Can Have Huge, Long Term Consequences


Da'Meka Bell, Cub Reporter

Social media is what everyone uses in our generation to chat, share photos and text anyone. Some people may make one mistake while social media thinking there is no impact on the person and/or the platform. If Social media is used inappropriately there are some consequences that can possibly mess up a life or give someone else a hard time.

Social Media can have an impact on people because they use it to become engaged when they have no one. For example, there are online resources for people potentially thinking about suicide, or who just need to talk to someone. On the other hand, some people use social media to troll or harass people. Studies say that 59% of teens have experienced bullying and harassment online. There was one incident in Massachusetts, where a woman was convicted of repeatingly telling her teen boyfriend through a text to kill himself. He eventually did by sitting in  his truck as it filled with carbon monoxide. The woman was charged with manslaughter.


There are other ways that we should be careful about what we say online, social media can impact our lives down the road. Some jobs check on things we put out on the web. Nothing is private; you may put your account on private but its not really private. Your friends can see your post in your private account but when it’s put out there it’s accessible to nearly anyone. There are people who get paid to access and bring up old posts from the past.


Approximately 3.2 billion people use social media, and 11 people join social media every minute. Everyday there is some kind of bullying on social media, and lawsuits being thrown around. There was a court case that involved a student making a joke about his teacher on Twitter and he got suspended from school for 7 weeks. He ended up sueing his school, but the situation is tied up in court.

If you are underage and still live with your parents and you make horrible decisions online, your parents can be affected because they are responsible for you. There’s history of court cases where the child did something and the parents end up paying for it. One parent, Patrick Snay, lost over $80,000 because of what their daughter posted on Facebook. He won a case of age discrimination with a settlement of over 80,000, so his daughter decided to post on facebook bragging about it. Snay’s settlement had a confidentiality clause, meaning that he is ordered not to say anything about the money.

Always remember to be careful what you post online, and what you say to others online.

Both can have minimal to very serious consequences.