CHS Participates In MESA

CHS Participates In MESA

Kira Harmon, Cub Reporter

On May 27 Centennial High school participated in the Math Engineering Science Achievement (MESA) competition. Attending this event was 110 students from around the state, and three high school teams, and three middle school teams.


CHS had one team which came in 3rd, and then one that came in 1st. The winning team consisted of  Brandon Moua, and Julius Sousanvanvong. The winning event was designing a tool to use in a hypothetical space station scenario.


This event took place at Portland State University, downtown. Teacher  Philip Clarke, the U.S. History and World Studies teacher said, “I think they went about the project in a very direct way and they put in a lot of work in and out of school hours.”


MESA is promoted as a pre-college program which helps provide students with mathematics, engineering, science, and technology programs to better their skill sets, enter college, and compete successfully in the workforce. MESA is for any student who wants to better their STEM (science technology engineering and math) skills starting in middle school, all throughout high school. You can volunteer or donate to better this program or help out for future kids.


They hold these events every year, so be on the lookout if you’re interested.They provide amazing opportunities for students who want a job in a specific workforce.