Speech and Debate Team Ends The Year Strong

Daniella Young, Editor-in-Chief

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Centennial’s Speech Team is Top 10 in state for 6A schools in terms of Academic grades, and placed third overall in Speech Conference Districts this year.

Adviser Jen Loeung said, “We have an amazing intercultural and multi-cultural team. It’s the strongest team yet in terms of intercultural reciprocity. They’re a great combination of athletes, school and club leaders, musicians, and community ambassadors.”

Centennial also received a grant to host the school’s first Big Question Debate, as well as attending competitions at other high schools and at Western Oregon University.

In addition, 22 kids are going to Policy Debate Camp this summer at Lewis and Clark College on a scholarship. “Speaking of scholarships, every year we are fortunate enough to have a student receive a speech related scholarship. In addition, students take advantage of earning college speech credits while at Centennial so that they can enter/exit their post high school experience with as much support as possible,” said Loeung.

“We’ve improved quite a lot. I’m really proud the team and the community we’ve built for ourselves,” said Team Captain Shelbey Colt.

“It’s the highest amount of debaters that have ever been accepted to a camp in the history of this school,” said Loeung.

The speech team wants to thank teachers, judges, and other students for their support over the year.

Provided by Zain Al-Saood
Left to Right: Matthew Maillet, Rachel, Le, Jesse Fonseca, Shelbey Colt, Ethan Miller, and WenChi Cheng.

Provided by Zain Al-Saood
Left to Right: WenChi Cheng, Jesse Fonseca, Hao Li, Shelbey Colt, Ethan Miller, Honey Sebeh, Daniel Torres, Matthew Maillet, and Zain Al-Saood.

Provided by Zain Al-Saood
The speech team celebrates at the Monmouth Speech Tournament, which took place from April 18-20.

Provided by Zain Al-Saood
The speech team at Monmouth.

Provided by Zain Al-Saood
Top Row to Bottom Row: Marissa Bennett, Matthew Maillet, Henry Dobesh, Daniel Torres Medina, James Le, Jen loeung, Rachel Le, Shelbey Colt, Jesse Fonseca, Jaden Gebauer, and Honey Sebeh.

Provided by Zain Al-Saood
Speech Team celebrates at Sandy High School at their Sandy Invitational.

Provided by Zain Al-Saood
Rachel Le, Honey Sebeh, Shelbey Colt, Henry Dobesh, James Le, Jessica Cornea, Jaden Gebauer, Matthew Maillet, and Hao Li attend state at Western Oregon University.

















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