Bullying Continues To Be An Issue


Nobody likes bullying.

Cyber Bullying.

Name calling.

Physical bullying.

All are forms of bullying.  All are defined as: to seek harm or intimidate, or coerce. Bullying is aggressive and unwanted behavior and is still a huge problem.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC)  said the national death rate for bullying and suicide is 4,400 deaths each year and reports that 14% of high school students consider suicide at some point. That needs to end.

Bullying has occurred ever since the 18th century and sometimes there’s times when people had no help and people would just get bullied for reasons such as race, gender cool or uncool. There are so many reasons to not bully it saves lives, it makes people happy, and not angry. Life is just better when you be nice and respectful.

The best way to just stop bullying is to just be positive and spread happiness. So when you are out and about just ask someone how are you give someone a hug. Just make an effort to be nice.

They always say treat others the way you want to be treated. In my opinion, it’s the best quote of all time.

Bullying still happens and we all need to do our part and stop it from continuing.

Schools have to deal with kids being beat up daily. It happens out on the streets, bus stops, anywhere you can be hurt or disrespected. If you and or a friend are being bullied or are

having problems you can seek so much help by just picking up the phone or talking to a counselor, teacher, parent. And If you or a friend are thinking of suicide call this number: (1-800-273-8255).

You have to realize bullying can happen to anyone and sometimes the bully is having a hard time so you can’t assume so keep In mind that everyone has issues we can all help each other.

In life you can either look at the negative or look at the positive and In my opinion and experience surround yourself with good people and positivity.

Kids who get bullied are less active in school activities and are very antisocial; if you happen to see any of these signs in any one you should just say hello and try to get them to talk and be more social.

Show them you care.