Passing Time Should Be Changed

Passing Time Should Be Changed

A huge epidemic is spreading through Centennial High School, and has been spreading through the brightly illuminated halls for a very long time now. Like most other high school problems, it is lowering the grades of students, lowering students spirits and making life frustrating for everyone involved including parents, students, and teachers. What is that epidemic you may ask?

School passing times.

Have you ever really thought about the five minutes you get in between classes?  When you take a step back, you can see that many students are practically running from class to class and still not making it to class on time.

It doesn’t make it easier that students are darting around spare slow-moving students in the halls either. Centennial has a population hovering near two thousand, all trying to get from one place to the other with little to no avail.

Talking to teachers, how many times do your students ask to go to the bathroom? Wouldn’t it make sense for there to be a time for students to do that? With passing time as it is, students can hardly get to class, let alone go to the bathroom or do other necessary things.

So what exactly can we do about this issue? While there is currently talk about pushing the school day forward by 30 minutes–which will start next year, why don’t we tweak it a little further? Let’s add a minute to passing time! Give students a little extra breathing room with minimal changes. Let’s be honest, high school is chaotic enough as it is, walking to class shouldn’t be part of the problem.