Abortion Should Be A Choice

Abortion Should Be A Choice

Vincent Gray, Staff Writer

In the recent weeks I have become rather involved in issues surrounding reproductive health rights, especially considering some of the new limitations on abortion, and even hormone/drug related birth control. If you aren’t totally caught up on all the recent news, one example of abortion limitations is Alabama’s new abortion ban. Alabama lawmakers banned abortions on fetuses with a detectable heartbeat, regardless of cases of rape or incest.

If you know anything about the female reproductive system, you should know that such a law practically bans all abortions whatsoever, as by the time a heartbeat is detectable the individual would only be two or so weeks late on their menstrual cycle. Being two weeks late on their period  is hardly enough notice, as often periods can easily be late or irregular. By the time an individual realized they were pregnant, it would likely be too late to get a safe and legal abortion.

I know many people have varied opinions on the issue of abortion. Regardless it is crucial at this point people recognize the importance for people to make this decision themselves. One can be against abortion entirely, even be sickened by the thought, without pushing that view onto others. I am not here to tell anyone what they should believe. That is only a small portion of my concern. Regardless of what one believes on this issue of abortion, we all should be advocating for the right to choose. If someone is opposed to abortion, it should then be their own choice on what they do if they themselves become pregnant, and in that situation it would be their right to chose to carry to term and I would support that decision fully. An individual who becomes pregnant and makes the decision to terminate the pregnancy would also be equally deserving of respect.

Regardless of our individual beliefs, it is important everyone is given an equal right to choose what happens to their body, as we cannot all understand the experience of others. Although many of us may believe we understand what someone else is going through, it is impossible to truly know. With that understood it is important every individual experience is honored, without invalidating the experience of another. This is why the right to chose is incredibly important; being pro choice is incredibly important. One can be pro choice and absolutely hate the concept of abortion, someone who is pro choice could chose to never get an abortion in their life. All being pro choice means, is believing in the right to chose.

Please carry what I have said in this article with you as you discuss abortion and reproductive rights with those around you, and if any of it got through to you in a meaningful way, share it with a friend.