Aaron’s 12 Movie Recommendations


If you like all different types of movies you’re going to like these. If you like action comedies and sappy movies you will like some of these. Two of them all ready came out–Avengers End Game and Shazam–they were really good. They had action, suspense, and were super funny.

All these movies coming up are going to be pretty exciting, like the live action adaptation of Aladdin. I really suggest watching these. In general if you like a lot of mixed genres there’s a lot in these options. But of course if you don’t happen to like any of these then there are many more to see this summer.

  1. Avengers Endgame April 26. The #1 movie this year breaking multiple box office records. This movie has a little bit of everything and will appeal to all audiences.
  1. Toy Story 4. The long awaited finale to the series will be coming out on June 21st. If you like funny, heart-warming movies that really get your attention, this is a must.
  1. Shazam.  Action. Happy. Catching like a hook. It’s crazy funny with a lot of different humor.
  1. X Men’s the Dark Phoenix June 7. Very action packed. If you like Marvel movies you will like this. Or if you like intense suspense and some funny sprinkled In you will definitely enjoy this movie.
  1. John Wick 3 rated R  May 17. This movie is action packed, and filled with gore. Recommended for more mature audiences with a stronger stomach for violence and gore.
  1. Spiderman Far From Home July 5. This long awaited sequel will be coming to theaters and I myself am crazy excited for movie.This action superhero movie is great for the whole family. Funny, Heartfelt and awesome.
  1. Joker, October 4. Not a lot of further information yet but there will be information in the following months. I have linked were you can get information down below.
  1. Pokemon Detective Pikachu, May 10, this film is filled with humor, very adorable, and if that isn’t enough Ryan Reynolds is the voice actor for Pikachu enough said.
  1. Aladdin, May 24. Live action better quality, if you liked the original animated version you may like this.
  1. Long Shot,  May 3. Rated R for its rude inappropriate humor. This is more recommended for older teens and adults.
  1.  The Lion King, July 19..  It’s a classic Disney hit getting revamped into a fantastical live action version.
  1. Men In Black International, June 14th. If you like action, science fiction, and some peculiar humor you will like this movie.

All trailers, reviews, and information can be found on www.imdb.com, www.rottentomatoes.com, www.youtube.com, or just old fashion google.com.