Retired Police Officer Brian Grose Says Goodbye To CHS



Security Guard Brian Grose.

Brian Grose was a retired Portland Police Officer before working six years here at CHS.

One of his favorite memories here at CHS is the daily humor. He says CHS hasn’t been here long enough to see a lot of changes in his time here.

In retirement, Grose says he wants to live in Greece, remodel houses, and travel.

Grose has twin girls, one of which, goes to the University of Wisconsin, while the other goes to Oregon State. Grose jokingly says that they both don’t care that he’s retiring.

“I’m mostly just excited to do new things, not leaving on a negative note, and just to really enjoy my free time,” he said.

Grose said, “The characteristics of the kids and not having to deal with (fellow security worker) Joe (Massey),” are the two things he’s going to miss the most once he leaves from CHS.

“He’s good to work with, he has a weird sense of humor, and he definitely brings something to the team,” said Massey.

“Bright dispositions and dark sense of humor,” said Grant Preuitt, the third man in the security office.

Retired Administrator Mark Porterfield, who worked closely with security for the past 20 years, says, “Brian was a great addition to our staff.  His experience as a police officer gave him a perspective that really helped our students. He knew the names of hundreds of kids and made a personal connection with many of them.”