ASB Elections Coming April 24


Nathyn Caro, Staff Writer

Student council applications/votes are going to be on Wednesday, April 24th.  Students can vote for freshman, sophomore, and junior class leaders depending on your own class.  These votes will be put in effect for next year’s class presidents.

The new process for voting for the ASB election is voting during all three lunches on a  Chromebook. Tables will be set up in front of the cafeteria and there will be two chromebooks per grade.  It will be a Google form vote sheet. In order to vote you must have your student body card to show you are a student at Centennial High School.

Then you will be marked off the list, showing you already voted.   The new process allows students to only vote one time unlike the old system which was on paper allowing you to vote more than once.  

At the end of the voting Activities Director Jimmy Mei will be the one counting the votes.  Mei and student council have changed the voting format so that student votes are 70% of the candidate’s total, with teacher input and an interview being worth 15% each.