Baseball in Full Swing


File Photo 2018

Preston Degeneres in a 2018 baseball game.

The baseball season is in full swing.  The Eagles are 2-6 in league play, 8-9 overall.  Here are some of the highlights of the season so far:

Hitting: Junior Kyle Fitzgerald — .394 BA,  17 SB. 21 Runs, 4 doubles and 3 triples.  OPS 1.108 Senior Andrew Caron – .318. 11SB.  14 RBI.

Pitching: Fitzgerald 3-1. .506 ERA. 1.157 WHIP. 36K. Opponents batting average of .212

Noah Sanders – 0-0.  17IP. 15K. 1.585 ERA. 1.24 WHIP. Opponents batting average of .227


Here is an overview of the games played since April 2.


4/12/19 – Double Header (DH) @ Barlow

The first game was a makeup the previous day’s cancelled game, so CHS was home the first game but away the second game.


Game 1 – Lost: 13-4

Despite the score, this game was very close. Barlow managed to score 4 runs in the first three innings, and shut Centennial down from coming back. But in the bottom of the 7th inning, the final inning, Centennial pulled through and scored 4 runs, moving the game forward an extra inning. In the 8th inning, however, Barlow scored 9 runs and proceeded to shut CHS down and disabling them to score, winning the game.


Game 2 – Lost: 4-1

Despite losing a hard game to a devastating conclusion, Centennial pushed through and tried their hardest this next game. Both teams were exhausted after putting all their energy in the first game, but Barlow had the momentum after just coming from a win. In better spirits than Centennial, Barlow was able to win another game.


4/9/19 – vs. Central Catholic

Lost: 11-1

Mental mistakes, errors, and a lack of energy lost Centennial the game. Most of Central Catholic’s runs were unearned. All Centennial could do was learn from their mistakes, wipe of this lost, and focus on the next game.


4/5/19 – @ Central Catholic

Lost: 7-4

As of now Central Catholic is first in league and previous years they have achieved Top 10 in State. Despite that Centennial proved their worth and showed that no matter how good the team is they can always compete. Even though they lost, CHS did not give Central Catholic an easy win that day.


4/4/19 – @ Sandy

Win: 1-0

This game better showed equal both teams were. Anyone there can say that this was a great game. Both teams had great pitching and defense that shut down the other’s offense. However, in the end, with determination and strategic plays, Centennial was able to squeeze out the one and only run that rolled over into a victory over Sandy.


4/2/19 – vs. Sandy

Lost: 6-1

From the start of their pitching lineup to the bottom of their hitting lineup, both teams had great players and were virtually equal in their skill level. No team was better than the other. What caused CHS to lose that game was mental mistakes and errors.