Alternate Prom Opportunities Available

Alternate Prom Opportunities Available

Meera Forespring, Staff Writer

CHS’s prom was last weekend.

Many Seniors and Juniors were purchasing formal garb, asking out their prom date, coordinating outfits, and getting ready to spend a large sum of money for a single night of potential fun.  

Some students though aren’t very into the prom scene and would rather use their time for something less expensive and stressful, or perhaps they don’t have a 90% attendance rate required to attend the event. Research shows some teens and their families spend between $600-$900 on prom. Many cannot afford tickets along with the outfits, parking, ect.

So if you are a person who wants to look for alternative activities for next year, look no further!

There are many different ways to invest your time and money into for alternative activities that are both cheaper and fulfilling.

  1. Put whatever money you were going to spend into savings to splurge or for any hard time you may have in the future when you need a little extra cash.
  2. Have a fun night in or out. Invite friends to your favorite restaurant, or activity, Rent a movie that you haven’t seen yet and vege out on the couch.
  3. Go on a shopping spree! Do you have any item that you have been hoping to get your hands on? Perhaps you have a friend or relatives birthday coming up and you want to get them something extra special gift for them? You could use a fraction of the money you would spend for prom to engage in that activity.
  4. Put that money into your college savings! The average student loan debt in America is around $37,172 so every penny you have to help pay for your continued education is incredibly important.
  5. Look for an alternative prom to go to! There are many in the area that are provided for alternatively educated students and other teens to attend that are much cheaper than the normal prom ticket price. Just look up alternative proms in my area and you are sure to find an event!

Remember, having the ‘perfect high school experience’ doesn’t depend on students participating in those stereotypical activities. Do what you feel is right for you to have the most fun that you want to have.