Rabbits May Not Be Perfect Easter Gift

Rabbits May Not Be Perfect Easter Gift

Jilene Jensen, Staff Writer

Rabbits are known for their cuteness and are part of the Easter season. However getting live rabbits for Easter is a nationwide issue. Many rabbits bought and brought home for children are later dumped in parks or peoples’ yards at about one to six months of age because the kids may not want them any more.

Many families don’t realize the complex social structure rabbits have. In many cases rabbits are considered to be “starter” pets. However rabbits can live up to 10 years or more.  They also have a complicated diet. Hay is part of 80% of their diet.

There are so many resources on how to care for rabbits. For example, the House Rabbit Society. The House Rabbit Society gives information about rabbit care a veterinarian may not be able to provide.

To stop this from happening, rabbit organizations across the nation are coming together for campaigns. “One of the most popular is ‘Make Mine Chocolate,’ which encourages people to give chocolate candy bunnies as gifts instead,” said Victoria Muirhead, Adoption coordinator at rabbit advocates.

Rabbit Advocates don’t recommend buying from a breeder. Buying from a breeder will support the industry; this would make more of a chance of rabbit being dumped. To being a rabbit home it is recommended to foster or adopt.

“I would say in terms of a pet, the are not a terribly difficult pet to have. You know you have to feed it, water, keep it’s cage clean.. At least once a week we clean its cage,” said teacher Mike Henderson.  “So for families who don’t have time for a dog to walk it wouldn’t be a bad pet it to have. But I’m not sure if people should just give rabbits as Easter gifts.”

Information for new rabbit owners is available at https://rabbit.org/