Final Scholarship Deadlines For Seniors Draw Near

Daniella Young, Editor-in-Chief

There are still scholarships available that seniors can apply for!

On Friday, April 12, the scholarships due include the Reser Family Foundation Scholarship ($5000 renewable for four years), the Rotary Scholarship ($3000 over two years for Mt. Hood Community College), and Clackamas Community College Scholarships.

The Oregon Jaycee Foundation Scholarship, which will award up to $2000, is due by Wednesday, April 17.

On Friday, April 19, the application deadlines approach for the OSEA Scholarship ($500), Ron Pennington Scholarship ($500), CHS Faculty Scholarship ($500 and three awards offered), and the CHS College Peer Counselor Award for $250.

For students interested in pursuing education, the Ken Noah Scholarship, due on May 9, is available for $500. This is a renewable scholarship.

In addition to scholarships, students should keep checking in with their school’s website and the different opportunities offered.

“Check your financial aid packages. Look at the college and university websites to see if there are any scholarship openings,” said Counselor Scott Olson.

“If there are any juniors reading this, start getting community service experiences so (they) can start applying for scholarships in the fall,” said Olson.

For more information about scholarships and how to apply, visit the school’s list of scholarships: