Momo Challenge?


Nathyn Caro, Staff Writer

Ever heard of the Momo challenge? If you haven’t here’s what to know about this new social media challenge; it first began on July 25, 2018. The picture is actually a statue in Japan; it’s been in there for 18 years. At first it was nothing until someone took a picture of it and hacked into YouTube and targeted children from the age of three to twelve.

This is how it works: A video would be playing on YouTube mainly (YouTube kids) and an advertisement would pop up and that ad would be Momo. “Momo” looks like a small, bald, chicken-like body with avian feet and human breast” She would be talking to the viewer saying “let’s play a game” and the viewer would be listing to Momo.

The main point of the game was to meet Momo. How do you meet her? Momo would want you to harm or hurt yourself by telling the viewer to do little tasks that would eventually lead up to suicide.

The Momo challenge is now detected in the U.S, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Europe, India, Mexico, Pakistan, and the Philippines.

There isn’t an exact number of deaths due to this game but there have been number of deaths in different countries.

The artist of Momo is a Japanese artist named Keisuke Aiso; he destroyed the sculpture because of the suicide game that was going on the artist said the curse is gone due to his destruction.