Anonymous Student Reveals Alleged Sexual Assault

Anonymous Student Reveals Alleged Sexual Assault

WARNING: The content of this story deals with issues of sexual assault that may trigger some readers.  Reader discretion is advised.


It’s been three years and his actions still affect me. I was sexually assaulted when I was 14. With two weeks left of my freshman year, a boy put his fingers in me and groped my boobs with his other hand as I sat there in shock not able to usher the word “no” out. I watched the hand on the clock tick for seven seconds and tried to block out the physical pain I felt. I blamed myself, I threw my skirt away and cried for hours. The weeks following I failed most of my finals because I couldn’t focus, I had to switch seats because sitting in that chair made me crumble. Every day I saw him I was reminded of how he broke me. I was stuck for months, but he was free within 24 hours. He came back to school smiling and giving high fives. He’d go back home and ask me to send nudes and called me awful slurs when I said, “No.” He made sure I knew he had moved on. It always made me question, why couldn’t I do the same? I tell myself I’ve moved on any time I think about it, as the boy and I talk now as if what he did was nothing but a nightmare I had. While I have learned how to live my life without thinking about every revolting sensation I felt that afternoon, I still have days where the memories consume me. It’s been three years and his actions still affect me- what he did will never “not” affect me.

-Anonymous (CHS Student)


Sexual Abuse Defined:

“Sexual abuse is any form of ‘unwanted sexual behavior’. Any behavior of a sexual nature, that causes a person to feel uncomfortable or unsafe can be deemed sexual abuse. It can range in severity from leering glances to intercourse. It can happen at any age and to either gender.  Sexual stimulation of a person younger than the age of consent (age varies from 14-18 years) is referred to as ‘child sexual abuse’ or ‘statutory rape’.” (Revelation Gateway Ministries)


Editor Note:

This event happened at CHS; the teacher was in the room, but the students were in the back of the classroom so no one saw it happen. If the teacher had known about the issue they would’ve been required to report it. The student told her family about the incident and was able to get therapy and the support she needed. This story was posted to help spread awareness that sexual assault is a real issue and should be taken seriously. 

If something like this has happened to you, talk to someone you trust, whether that be a counselor, teacher,  friend, or family member, because secrets give the abuser power while the truth will set you free.  


Advisor Note:  

I investigated the validity of this story to the best of my ability while allowing both the victim’s and the alleged attacker’s identity to remain anonymous.  While this story is unnerving, it is important for high school journalists to be allowed to cover such incidents and for others to be aware that these things could happen.  I have verified that the victim has received outside counseling for this incident. Likewise, the victim and her parents are aware that she has many avenues of support through CHS and the Gresham Police Department.  The victim does not want further investigation into this incident, but felt compelled to share her story so that others may understand that sexual assault can happen any place, at any time. Newspapers rarely identify victims or alleged attackers if they are minors.