Milana’s Perspective on Girls Rugby; Play At Reynolds Tomorrow


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Last year’s rugby team.

Milana Oliphant, Co-Editor

People often think of rugby as a cross between football and soccer.  This is true in some ways more than others; the first being that rugby was created in 1823 before American football, which began in 1920.  Much of the terminology in soccer is also used in rugby.

Rugby is very well known internationally and is in the trial phases of becoming an Olympic sport.  

CHS has a rugby club. We play for Rugby Oregon and this spring season we are playing 10’s.  Rugby 10s is when there are ten players on the pitch at once. The game is also longer than a 7s game. This season is very exciting we have more members on our team than any previous season I have played.  

In past seasons we have struggled to get enough people you need to play the game.  This season we are participating 10’s which means 10 players on the field. According to my coach we have a total of 15 players registered to play.  

This was very exciting news for us returning players, since we have felt what happens when a team lacks numbers. This helps our team in more ways than just on the pitch.

It helps our practices run more smoothly since we can scrimmage easier and do more drills. Scrimaging is really important so that the tea can get used to playing with each other, it also gives people the ability to apply what the have learned to real game situations.

Our new players this season are Andrea, Ashley, Adriana, Trinity, and Violet. Even though they are new to the sport they are catching on pretty quickly how the game works and what it takes to be a rugby player.

Tomorrow at 4 p.m. we play our first game versus David Douglas at Reynolds High School.