No More Snow Days


Outlook Photo - January 2017

Snow covers the Centennial High School parking lot.

In these past few months, Oregon has been hit with snow and ice. These weather conditions have affected schools all over the state. Here’s how Centennial District is dealing with it.

Every school year Centennial has about 3.5 “snow days” built into the schedule. These snow days are given to us so that even with the snow and ice if we miss those days we don’t fall behind on academics.

Centennial has already used all of our given snow days. According to Mairi Scott-Aguirre, CHS principal, we have about less than half a school day left.

Currently, with the recent snow days we are doing okay. No days are going to be added to the end of the school year.

 “We mainly just lost instructional time. It’s like the interruptions, we feel like we have to start again,” said Scott-Aguirre. The snow days haven’t really affected CHS.

For seniors, graduation has not been affected at all; graduation will still be on time.

If we do happen to get more snow days we won’t hop right into adding days to the end of the school year. Instead we would start removing late start Wednesdays and look at other options, Scott-Aguirre said.