Rockwell Returns to Restaurant Industry, Leaves Feb 22



Matt Rockwell.

CHS is saying goodbye to our favorite Culinary Arts teacher, Matt Rockwell.

After teaching here at CHS for almost three years, he has decided to go back into the restaurant business.

Rockwell is currently helping out at a restaurant part-time in Downtown Portland. His reasoning behind leaving is because he misses cooking and he misses the industry.

Rockwell will be leaving Feb. 22.

He’s excited to start working at restaurants again. CHS has already started interviewing people to take his spot.

Two of the three people interviewed have industry experience.

Whoever ends up replacing Rockwell will have some big shoes to fill; he has such a unique way of teaching that all the students love.

“That’s good for him, whatever makes him happy. I feel like everyone is comfortable talking to him. He doesn’t make anyone feel less than,” said Janat Karam.