Is There Any Advice You Would Give to Incoming Freshmen?


Daniella Young, Editor-in-Chief

“Take all the requirement classes so you can get free periods.” Randall Sheck – Senior

Randall Sheck.

“Go to all your classes on time, cause that will screw up your schedule next year.” Julian Johnson – Sophomore

Julian Johnson.

“Just because it’s the first year of high school doesn’t mean you should slack.” Katelyn Rombaoa – Senior

Katelyn Rombaoa.

“Take classes that you know you can do well in and focus on yourself more than you focus on others.” Shelby M Smith – Junior

Shelby M Smith.

“Focus on your mistakes.” Richard Nolasco – Freshman

“Work hard so you don’t have to do it your senior year.” Heata Fononga – Sophomore

“Don’t slack off in your freshman year.” Jena Danis – Sophomore

Jena Danis.

“Remember to pay attention and work hard. Make sure you’re always on track with your stuff.” Noah Sanders – Senior

Noah Sanders.

“Make it a priority to come to school everyday and come on time.” Shelley Johnson – Receptionist

Shelley Johnson.

“Time management. Make sure they’re managing your time well and giving themselves breaks when stressed. Work hard but don’t stress hard.” Abisai Herrejon-Gonzalez – Senior

Abisai Herrejon-Gonzalez.