Newsies Auditions Begin Today

Newsies Auditions Begin Today

Every year Kellie McCarty puts on a school musical, allowing students to audition for parts. Later they perform on stage in front of students and parents.

This year that musical is “Newsies”.

“This is a high energy show and I’m excited to see what the kids bring to the audience,” said McCarty.

The show was suggested by the kids. With that in mind McCarty, her vocal director, and choreographer met and voted as a council, deciding on Newsies.

“Newsies” auditions will be February 12-14 after school. The show will air May 9-11 and 16-18 at 7pm.

On Jan. 31, drama students competed at Regionals with nine scenes qualifying for State. This is the most scenes to be qualified in McCarty’s history of teaching here at Centennial.

24 out of 36 CHS entries qualified for Nationals!

Qualifying for Nationals with Superior Scores

Duo Dramatic Novice-Beatrice Byrd and Maggie Redden

Duo Dramatic Experienced-Christopher Mendez and Emily Spain

Duo Dramatic Experienced-Dennis Gebauer and Jackson Autry

Duo Dramatic Experienced-Lukas Hurley and Trenton Ruffin

Duo Dramatic Experienced-Kaden Moss and Joseph Kaylor

Duo Comic Experienced-Frances Sopata and Marie Miller

Duo Comic Experienced-Philip Koshuba and Gavin Lickey

Solo Acting Novice-Dahiro Nassib

Solo Acting Novice-Jigme Norbu

Solo Acting Novice-Alexis Young

Solo Acting Novice-Akaisha Williams

Solo Acting Experienced-Morgan Bass

Solo Acting Experienced-Lukas Hurley

Solo Acting Experienced-Kaden Moss

Solo Acting Experienced-Joseph Kaylor

Solo Acting Experienced-Trenton Ruffin

Solo Acting Experienced-Jessica Cabrera

Solo Acting Experienced-Philip Koshuba

Solo Acting Experienced-Jackson Autry

Solo Acting Experienced-Melody Howard

Solo Musical Theatre-Christopher Mendez

Solo Musical Theatre-Ariel Aland

Solo Musical Theatre-Jessica Cabrera

Large Group Musical-Kaden Moss, Joseph Kaylor, Trenton Ruffin, Ariel Aland, August Villalobos, Morgan Bass, Gavin Lickey, Jessica Cabrera, Christopher Mendez, Jackson Autry, Lukas Hurley, Marie Miller, Beatrice Byrd, Dahiro Nassib, Madison Spencer, and Alexander Hampton