Forecasting Scheduled For Feb 12

Daniella Young, Editor-in-Chief

Forecasting for classes next year for students will be tentatively taking place Tuesday, Feb.12 during second period, and there will be a one hour assembly schedule; students will receive all forecasting materials, and there will also be a meeting for seniors during that time.

Assistant Principal Zach Ramberg said, “It would go a long way for students to read the forecasting guide.”

Ramberg also recommends that students ask others if they have questions about a certain class.

“Collaborate with your peers or teachers,” he stated.

In addition, he wants to inspire students to look through all the elective and CTE classes CHS has to offer and make the best choices.

“We encourage students to push themselves academically,” he said.

Forecasting will be rescheduled in short order if it snows, said Ramberg.