Bullying Takes It’s Toll

Bullying Takes Its Toll

Vincent Gray, Staff Writer

Bullying is something universal, though perhaps not every individual will face bullying throughout their life, many will or do face bullying of some kind.

According to American SPCC about 33% of students report experiencing bullying of some sort; whether it be physical, verbal, sexual, emotional, or cyber bullying.

Of course, I know bullying is wrong, and hurtful. This point has been shown many times, through bully motivated suicides, health talks about self esteem, advertisement online, and other such things; what is not commonly displayed is, one can do when they or someone else is experiencing bullying?

Say you tell your teacher you are being bullied…they tell the kid to stop it and no further responses are made; you always have other options.

If one adult does not listen, go to the next person, though sometimes these situations can be very scary, the bullying will not likely cease without some sort of intervention.

From personal experience, I know things can be done: the school counselors are open to help victims of bullying (even a counselor who is not your own), and any security in the school.

Brian Grose, Security at Centennial said, “If we don’t know about it, we can’t stop it…the more you tolerate it the worse it gets.”

He also said, “if we hear about it, we make sure the problem stops.”

If you or someone else is experiencing bullying, please report it; it is the best thing you can do.

Do not let it continue.