Girls Wrestling Appears Dominant

Editors note: Pictures of team are coming next week at girls next home match.

Editor’s note: Pictures of team are coming next week at girls next home match.

Nathyn Caro, Staff Writer

Over the break the Eagles went to Jefferson High School tournament and did very well and pulled through with second place as a team.  Individually Emma Johnson, Simone Willingham and Sade Davis placed 1st, while Jewel Munoz and Lisette Perez Cruz placed 3rd.

The next tournament was at Sandy High School and the Eagles did amazing by beating everyone they came across in a sweep.

On Saturday the 12th the Eagles had another tournament at Forest Grove but with many wrestlers out due to injuries.  They placed 5th out of 18 teams, individually Andrea Vega placed 2nd, Emma Johnson placed 3rd, Renee Dunlap placed 4th, Jessica Corena placed 4th Amiyah Mitchell-McManus placed 4th, Daisy Lerma placed 5th, Destiny Franco placed 5th, Jewel Munoz placed 6th, Perez Cruz placed 6th, Ayla Anderson placed 6th for their weight class.

The Eagles had a week off and didn’t have any dual matches or tournaments.  The Eagles will be gearing up for there next tournament at Hood River this weekend and next Friday they will be at Liberty High School for the girls State Qualifiers.

Coach Taz Lee said, “We are excited for what’s to come.”

Here is the girls wrestling roster and weight classes:

110: Renee Dunlap, Kaylinn Lawrence

120: Crystal Guzman

130: Fartun Mohamed, Rose Zeller, Nicole Martinez

135: Ashley Chapman, Jessica Cornea