Top 10 Snacks

Top 10 Snacks

Areceli Olivias, Cub Reporter

You get home.  You set all of your belongings aside, get into something comfy, and sit on your beloved couch.  As you put on something to watch, something is missing… A delicious snack! Whichever one you end up making is a difficult choice. Which is why I bring you the Top Ten Best Snacks you can munch on while you spend your time binge watching.

Number 10: Fritos. This delicious snack  punches with salt and corn flavoring. The size of each chip makes it easier to go in for more.  If you are a fan of corn like chips, then Fritos will surely please your craving. This is a snack I can either finish in one setting or rather pass it off to another snack.

Number 9: Lay’s Sour cream and Onion.  While sour cream and onion is widely a favorite, and Lays is great combination to go with it,  The potatoey taste along with is what makes it so great. Certainly though, I can always find myself being engulfed in and end up needing another snack.

Number 8: Pringles Original Flavor.  Although it does not provide as much as the other snack.  The thickness and the salty taste is a definite journey to munchable town. Plus it’s a fun shape.

Number 7: Doritos Original Flavor.  This chips perfectly brings out the delicious combo of corn and cheese.  When you take a bite, the favor is not one to forget especially not when you can’t handle not to lick it off your fingertips.

Number 6: Doritos Cool Ranch.  Also a popular favorite, and I can’t say it shouldn’t be such its does such a great job bringing the tasty corn chips to an assortment of other flavors.  Although I can’t say it’s my favorite, but it definitely put up a fight.

Number 5: Lay’s Salt and Vinegar.  How about a chip with not only a punch, but a punch and a KICK. I can’t lie that this flavor is so strong that it’s so good.  It’s almost an adventure when you don’t know if you’ll get more potato or salt and vinegar.

Number 4: Pizza Rolls.  Wait this isn’t a chip, but instead MINI PIZZAS.  A little can be discredited to having to prepare it yourself, but it’s all worth it when your done and you taste the zesty sauce and savory pepperoni taste.

Number 3: Popcorn.  Who could forget about the ultimate movie snack.  It’s always the moment where you forget how delicious this buttery snack is until you’ll “just have one”.  Then suddenly you’re wanting a bowl for yourself.

Number 2: Lay’s.  I cannot forget about this thin, crispy and potato snack.  It may just be the original flavor, but it’s what started the line for other flavors to happen. Whether those are great or not,  It’s a safe bet to just go back to the basics.

Number 1: Cheetos. What this snack has is the snack-ability, the punch of flavor, small enough to keep more and more, and it’s finger-licking good.  Cheetos is best at it’s original flavor but yet still being able to provide more with it’s cheesiness. I can definitely say I’ll never be sick of it, and why it’s my number one choice of snack whether I have it at home or risk the cold to get more.