School Adds Rawls As Graduation Coach



Brandon Rawls.

Meera Forespring, Staff Writer

Measure 98 is back at it again with a new graduation coaching program run by Brandon Rawls with the purpose of assisting struggling students with getting the help they need to graduate.

Students who are failing to obtain credits will be called in to meet with Rawls to try and find solutions to help them succeed in classes.

Students with an attendance record below 80% or failing five or more classes are the people are the target of this program.

“A lot of my job is really trying to connect on their level and see what they believe are the barriers that are holding them back.”

“Like what do you see getting in the way, as opposed to me putting my thoughts up there first. I want to know from students, what do you see happening? Basically to find out where students are in their own words,” said Rawls.

Solutions will tend to vary from person to person depending on their situation. The program can help find extra support that students were not aware was available, help students set goals, and better their attendance at school.

“The most important part of my job is connecting, so I want to have a space where folks feel comfortable checking in with me and just having a supportive adult to meet with. I also want to know if there is any adult you connect with, and if there isn’t how can we connect with you.”

Most of the day is one on one meetings with students, but he also has groups meetings as well.

“I want to start another mindfulness group and I also have weekly check in groups so that ultimately students feel connected with the school, with each other, with academics, and with themselves. Believing in themselves is on of the most important things, if not the most important thing, because regardless of what I say and what I want for a student, it does not mean as much unless they want it for themselves. Having students moving from I want to do this, to I am doing this is so important.” said Rawls.

The hope is that students will earn the credits that they are attempting. Even though the program has just recently come into effect, there have been definite strides of progress for many students.

“I can’t take the credit for their success but I do think that having more supportive people checking in with students regularly and showing them that they care will ultimately benefit the culture of this school.¨