Student Shares Top 10 Netflix TV Shows

Student Shares Top 10 Netflix TV Shows

Jared Arenas, Cub Reporter

Netflix has been a hotspot for outstanding original programs and films since 2007, when it fully transitioned from being a DVD rental company into an online streaming site. If you’re looking for a way to spend your free time, or trying to find a new show to watch you’ve come to the right place.  Here are my 10 favorites.


  1. 13 Reasons Why

With the controversy surrounding this show, I was hesitant at first to start watching it. As soon as I began to watch the first episode, I became invested with each of the characters, and what they brought to the show. Although it does do a good job of bringing awareness to topics such as teen suicide, depression, and bullying in the U.S., there is a lack of explanation about mental health, and failed to leave in any alternatives to suicide. Compared to the first season, the second season wasn’t as impressive, most likely due to the little source material the writers had to work with, as the first season covered everything that happened in the original book. With a third season arriving sometime later this year, fans begin to worry what will become of the series. Overall, I’d give this show a 7.9/10.


  1. On My Block

A coming of age story that debuted spring of last year, this show is about a group of hispanic teenagers that live in a crime infested neighborhood in L.A. starting their first year of high school. I binge watched this show in 24 hours, watching the first seven episodes at night right after one of my sisters recommended it, then watched the remaining episodes the following  morning right after I woke up. A major critique I had with this show was that the acting can be strained at times, but the chemistry between the main group of friends holds up strong. There are many inside-jokes that only people of Mexican heritage would be able to get, which sometimes makes the stereotypes feel forced. On My Block gets an 8.2/10.


  1. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

A spin-off of the show Riverdale taking place in a neighboring town that focuses on a young half-witch trying to defeat any opposing forces that stand in her way, while also trying to solve problems at school. The CGI effect are well done, and the storyline is clearly well thought out. As soon as I finished the first season, I wanted more of this world, more of Sabrina and her friends. There are times when the show does a blurry effect with the camera, making what’s seen on the edges unclear. This happens a couple of times in the first episode, then as the series goes on it becomes more and more distracting. 8.5/10 is my final score.

      7.Anne with an E

Based on a series of books written in the early 20th century, this historical drama takes place in Canada in the late 1800’s following an orphan as she gets adopted by two elderly siblings to help with housework, and tries her best to fit in a new town and get the approval of her classmates at school. The costumes, sets, and scenery is marvelous and breathtaking, and the cinematography is wonderful. Everything in this series is captured so beautifully. This adaptation is darker and grittier than the previous ones, and there are many mature themes that run throughout the course of the show. My rating is 8.5/10.


  1. Aggretsuko

Near the end of last school year, as it was nearing the time for me to go to bed, I browsed Netflix looking for anything that was eye-catching. I suddenly spotted a show on the “Trending Now” tab that showed a Hello Kitty like cartoon character screaming into a microphone with an outraged expression on her face. Intrigued, I clicked on it and started watching. Aggretsuko is basically if you have a Hello Kitty like show with characters designed with 5-year olds in mind, put them in a realistic office setting, throw in a couple cuss words, and market it as an anime. This show has the word “relatable” written all over it, with the main protagonist constantly dreading to wake up and go to work every day, while also trying to fit in and be with the cool crowd at work. I’m giving this series an 8.8/10


  1. Bojack Horseman

Take an offensive show such as Family Guy or South Park, but actually expand on it and make the characters memorable, while also having that mature sense of humor, and you get Bojack Horseman. Taking place in an alternate world where humans and anthropomorphic animals live side by side, his cartoon’s focal point is on a self-loathing half-man half-horse that used to star in a successful 90’s sitcom, but since then has been involved in alcohol and drug abuse. This show does provide a good look at mental health while also focusing on many controversial topics such as abortion, racism, feminism, and trauma. This program does start off slow in its first season, but give it time and you’ll see something truly special. Bojack Horseman gets an 8.9/10 from me.


  1. A Series of Unfortunate Events

A book adaptation based on the best-selling series written by Daniel Handler, this series has nearly every genre covered. Mystery, comedy, drama, romance, tragedy it’s all there. Told by an unreliable narrator, this story follows three orphans right after their parents die in a tragic, yet mysterious fire that engulfed their own home in flames. As they travel to exotic destinations and encounter several guardians, they begin to learn of the secrets that their parents had left behind. The CGI special effects and green screen can be distracting and overused at times, but don’t let that stop you from watching, as the tremendous score and outstanding set design make up for it. This series gets an 9.3/10 from me.

3.The end of the Fxxxing World

As soon as I saw the initial trailer for this show, I was taken aback from what I just saw. A teenager who has self-diagnosed himself as a psychopath decides to take a trip with a classmate, attempting to murder her the entire time. As a show, it certainly did push the boundary a couple times, but the title itself may turn off viewers who don’t appreciate this. Funny, shocking, poignant, and brutally honest-every aspect is done with skill, style and credibility, from the soundtrack to the cinematography itself. This show is the definition of perfect TV, and many friends that I have recommended this show to, have all reported that they watched the entire show in one sitting. 9.6/10


  1. Black Mirror

By writer Charlie Brooker, this is an anthology series covering technology. Be forewarned though, as this is no ordinary T.V. show, and many disturbing situations. This show digs deep in the darkest aspects of our modern society, and decides to expand on it.  Many characters, setting, and situations are introduced in this show, such as a woman who lives in a society where the social hierarchy is based upon a social-media rating system, a detective trying to solve cases on why people are getting murdered by robotic bees, and more recently, an aspiring programmer as he tries to create a game for his new job while also spiraling out of control and questioning his own reality. As with every anthology series, there are some episodes that are above and beyond in their storytelling mechanics, and are successful in leaving in impact on viewers, while there are episodes that miss the mark and leave watchers unsatisfied, and for that reason I’m giving this show a 9.8/10.


  1. Voltron Legendary Defender

Not only is this my favorite Netflix original show, this is easily one of my favorite shows of all time. If you’re a fan of shows like Gurren Lagann or Avatar: the Last Airbender, then this show is for you. A group of five space pilots get sent into space and learn that they each must pilot a lion that when reunited, will transform into the giant robot Voltron, that will protect the universe from an empire that has set out to conquer it. Each protagonist has a distinct personality, and as the show goes on, their backstories are expanded upon and the quality of this show will only up from as it goes on. The storylines, animations, and battle sequences all improve and hit their peak around the season 6 mark. This show is getting a 10/10 from me.