Correcting Cafeteria Carelessness

Correcting Cafeteria Carelessness

I have noticed there are many careless behaviors students at CHS display in the cafeteria. This story is to call out these issues with the hopes that perhaps some students will change their behavior and be more considerate in how their actions affect other people.

The lunch that students receive in most US high schools are not a liberty every student around the world experiences. With the liberty of school lunches, students are also required by federal law to take a fruit and/or vegetable. This is to no fault of the lunch ladies; however, they often get a bad rep for their enforcement of that law.

Students who do not want the fruit they get often throw it in the trash or toss it in the bin to be recycled for the next day. This carelessness causes bruising on the fruit, thus making it where any student who may actually want to eat the fruit will likely be disappointed, as it has been bruised by another careless student.

Along with carelessly bruising fruit, students also sometimes leave trash on the tables for others to clean up when they could easily throw their leftovers and garbage into a nearby trash can- as they are placed throughout the cafeteria.

Not only is leaving your trash about disrespectful to the people who have to clean it up, it also can directly affect others, including outdoor lunch. If the tables are left with trash on them, outdoor lunch could end up being suspended for everyone during the lunch period that the trash was found, even if everyone was not involved.

This all goes to say, whatever you do, be courteous and respectful to the space you are in. Certainly in the school cafeteria, but also in all aspects of life.