How to Make Almond Roca


Kinhly Mai, Cub Reporter

How To Make Almond Roca

Beginner Level

Almond Roca is a chocolate covered toffee with ground almonds. For several years, my grandma has made almond roca specifically around Christmas time and it has always been a delight.

Almond Roca is a candy manufactured by the Brown and Hailey company of Tacoma, Washington, founded in 1914 by Harry Brown and J.C. Haley. It is featured to be a log-shape but our recipe showcases it in different shapes and flatter.



Almonds 1 cup

Sugar 1 cup

Butter 1 cup

Water 3 tbs

Chocolate Chips 8 oz (semisweet)



Medium saucepan

Rubber spatula

Baking pan

Cookie sheet

Butter knife

Sharp cutting knife

Cutting board



1: In a medium saucepan on high combine the sugar, water, butter, and chopped almonds until it reaches 300° (hard crack, make sure to constantly stir with spatula)

2: When it reaches 300° spread on a lightly buttered cookie sheet with the same spatula

3: While slightly warm, sprinkle chocolate chips

4: When chocolate chips are all the way melted spread the chocolate so it coats the candy

5: While the chocolate is still warm sprinkle with finely chopped almonds

6: Let cool in a room temperature room overnight or in fridge until firm

7: When done, break into pieces with knife and enjoy

Costs:  Between $10-$20, depending on your pantry supplies and where you shop.

Time:  Takes about a half hour to make (see step 6 for how long to cool after you’ve made it)!