Drama One Acts Tonight


The drama department is fiercely under way in preparation for the upcoming one-acts tonight. The show starts at 7 (Doors open at 6) And tickets are only 5 dollars and it will be held in the auditorium.

I had the opportunity to talk to Trenten Ruffen, a Senior and the director of the one act titled, “10 ways to survive the zombie apocalypse. “My Experiences? This one act has been really amazing, working with all these awesome students. Awesome Peers. It’s a pleasure to direct, and I can’t wait to see the greatness that they’ll perform on stage.”

Kaden Moss, another Senior at Centennial who is starring in the other one act, titled paintent 010, says when recalling the best part of staring in his one act, “I think just the awe that our peer wrote it, and did a really, really bangup job on it. Makes it just even more astonishing and fun to be a part of because you know it was organically made, home grown, you know. And in terms of the actually acting portion of it, I think the fact that it’s a smaller cast makes it more fun, like, it’s more intimate. Less chaos happening. It’s a lot more dialed in and focused and I think that’s a key part of the one act.”

“They’re really funny, and Kaden’s, what i’ve seen of it, is good,” Says Maggie Maile Reden a Freshman who is a cast member in one of the one acts.