SLIP Test Offers Language Credits

SLIP Test Offers Language Credits

Angeles Villanueva, Staff Writer

Do you speak more than one language, and want to earn more credits? Well then you might consider taking the SLIP Test.

The SLIP Test is a great opportunity for people who speak more than one language to get extra credits.

The test takes place in Centennial High School after school, and costs only $25. The languages included in the last SLIP Test were Arabic, ASL, Bosnian, Chuukese, Farsi, Karen, Romanian, Russian, Somali, Spanish, Turkish, Vietnamese, and Zomi.

If students want to take the test but their language is not on the list, they can go talk to Kayci Emry, one of the counselors at CHS.

The next test will be in April.  

Emry said, “The test is a chance for students to speak, and to demonstrate their language other than English, and to get their credits. You can get as many as four credits. It’s really just a test of speaking, reading, and writing.”

Kayci Emry.

Freshman Mirna Zacarias said, “When I was doing the test I thought it was very simple but I guess it depends on your proficiency.”